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Beaver-Mania Online Cardgame

This online game can be played with the mouse or the touchpad:
Left mouse button (or tap on the touchpad)
- Selection of a card (multiple selection)
- Tacking/taking cards
Right mouse button (or wipe away on the touchpad)
- Playing the selected card(s)
- Rejecting tricked cards from the opponent
To start the game, click or tap „Start Game“. The star () indicates which player's turn it is.
The game rules will open in a new tab if needed (without interrupting the game).
In the beginning it can be useful to play with open cards to understand the game faster: to see your opponent's cards, click on „cheat mode“ before starting the game. New game possible over the heart beaver card with the symbol ().
If gameplay is very slow, closing unneeded windows, tabs, or other programs may make sense. If the gameplay is too fast, it can be clicked, even several times, more slowly here: „speed=2“ (Normal mode „speed=1“).
Opponent's skill level isn't very strong at the moment, but updates might make it harder to win soon. This will never be able to replace a human opponent, the possible moves are too diverse for that and that is not the intention with the online game to get to know Biber Mania. If you discover errors or invalid moves in the course of the game,
please report them! Since it was developed and programmed by us, we can fix this.
Have fun and ..... of course the game is much more interesting with the real cards in a fun round!